Spanish / ESL Instructor

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas), James has been immersed in a multicultural society since birth. Always curious to explore the world, he left home for New York City over 10 years ago to pursue his studies and discover his interests. After residing in the ethnically diverse borough of Queens for nearly two years and having been fascinated by the languages and cultures he encountered, he moved to Barcelona, Spain to gain an authentic and immersive experience in a culture that he had not yet been familiar with. James later returned to his home state of Texas to complete a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international studies at Texas State University, but not without another study abroad trip to Northern Spain. Upon receiving his B.A., he returned to Europe and continued studying language (Spanish and French), as well as completed a teaching certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). He taught English in Spain and France for a year before returning to the States to further his education. He is now completing a master’s degree in applied linguistics and TEFL/TESL at Colorado State University.

James brings to Freestyle his undeniable passion for language, culture, and education. He loves Freestyle’s authentic approach to language teaching and treasures being a part of a diverse and knowledgeable team of polyglots.

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