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Connect with people, not apps! Our science-backed human approach to language learning takes adult learners from complete beginner to advanced. Meet our team (all trained specifically in adult second language acquisition) when you scroll below!

Why Go Freestyle?

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We’re always looking for people passionate about language & culture to add to our team!

Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership

Elizabeth Mack

Founder & Executive Director

Clem Ozel, PhD

Director of Education

Sharnicia Dotson

Director of Online Learning

Core Program


Spanish Senior Instructor

Wyatt Ince

Spanish/ESL Instructor

Lorena M.

Spanish/ESL Instructor


Spanish/ESL Instructor

Liz, PhD

French Senior Instructor


French Senior Instructor

Fanny, PhD

French Senior Instructor

Language at Work (L.A.W) Program


Spanish/ESL Lead Instructor & L.A.W Program Manager

Lorena D.

Spanish/ESL Senior Instructor


ESL Senior Instructor


Spanish/ESL Instructor


Spanish/ESL Instructor

Human Resources

Ramiro Muñoz

HR Manager & Financial Analyst



Mackenzie Griffin

Marketing Manager

Thomas Borja

Content Coordinator

Freestyle Manifesto


Created by Team FLC
People are made to communicate and connect. Freestyle’s mission is to connect people though language and to build a language-learning community where everyone is welcome. Freestyle is a community of inclusion and diversity. Within our walls or at events, we provide a ‘safe zone’ where you can connect and enjoy the learning process. We strive to create a vibrant community through face-to-face interaction where we share perspectives and inspire one another.
We embrace a team approach. From our home-grown, team-made innovative curriculum and through our supportive methodology, our team is here to encourage you on the road to proficiency and to celebrate your success!
Language learning requires courage, dedication and an open mind. We believe in the power of learning from others. We love kudos, high-fives and a fun, dynamic atmosphere. Join us in our purpose-driven mission!
Through our passion for language and culture, we hope to enhance your experience with the world around you. We have the potential to unite way beyond the ATX community: let’s connect and use language as a means to broaden our reach and our cross-cultural understanding.