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Absolutely the best methodology for combining language instruction and cultural competency.

Dr. GarzaDirector of The Texas Language Center of The University of Texas at Austin

…I have been doing Rosetta Stone for a year and actually have done very well but do I know the grammar rules? No. Rosetta Stone is total immersion and it takes a lot of self discipline and lots of figuring things out for yourself. On the first day of class at Freestyle the light bulb switched on and I had an ah ha moment. I am going to take more classes because I like my instructor so much, it is a lot of fun and I like to speak Italian live…


Freestyle expertly addresses one aspect of language learning that most schools totally miss… the conversation! They have so many opportunities available to practice conversation every week… If you are looking to expand your Spanish or French skills, THIS is the place!


Freestyle makes it fun and easy to learn French. It's awesome getting to speak French weekly with my teacher and other students at my level. I feel like I've learned more French in the four weeks I've taken it than I did all of high school!


I love the structured lessons and the focus on speaking rather than memorizing. I like that I can prepare for each lesson and then practice in the classroom in a very supportive, non-judgmental space.


I've been a student with Freestyle for years and I love it! The team is terrific and the social experience is great. Anyone can learn and have a great experience. Encouragement is constant and reassuring. You'll love it!


Freestyle has been a great way for me to brush up on, and improve on my decades old study of Spanish. I have gained enough confidence to try communicating in Spanish with neighbors and at restaurants.


Even as a lifelong francophile, I have been amazed at how much I never knew about the language and the culture. Freestyle teachers and the methodology have taught me so much!