Language at Work

Boost Your Company’s Cultural Competitive Advantage

Maximize learning efficiency with virtual courses.

Equip your employees with the language skills needed to succeed at work through our science-backed, fun, and effective model – customized to fit the unique needs of your company and industry.

Start the Conversation

⇨ Strengthen relationships, reach new clients, sharpen communication, level-up your employees, increase team happiness, and more!

Languages Available: Bridge your teams with Spanish, English, and/or French courses!

What We Offer

  • Proven methodology: Innovative, science-backed curriculum
  • Relevant vocabulary: Everyday language that can be customized to fit your industry
  • Customizable days/times: Choose from an 8 or 12-week program; 2 days each week + a 3rd day option
  • Online curriculum: Lifetime access to downloadable audio, supplemental material, and more!

How We’re Different

  • We’re NOT just an app. We practice spontaneous speaking face-to-face.
  • We’re NOT 1-hour weekly tutoring. We know that both frequency and connection matter.
  • We do NOT use old school textbooks. We guide students through authentic materials (think film, music, telenovelas, etc.) to learn language as it’s truly spoken!

See What They’re Saying!

I love this program and am so happy to get to attend! I am able to communicate with the field more and am earning more respect from them as a benefit.

Vicki, Spanish (DPR Construction)

This is one of the things I'm most grateful for in my life right now. The fact that DPR would invest in something as engaging as this program isn't taken lightly by me. I get excited about how much I want to immerse in the Spanish language as a result of this class. Also, my classmates have become real friends as a result, which is also a major plus!

Tyler, Spanish (DPR Construction)

The construction spanish is SUPER HELPFUL on the jobsite. ... We are responsible for implementing someone's design so being able to communicate that to the field is amazing.

Katie, Spanish (DPR Construction)

Excelente, didáctico. Gracias a DPR por su apoyo a los empleados hispano parlantes

Claudio, English (DPR Construction)

I always feel satisfied when I'm done. It's been great refreshing the Spanish I once knew. One of the big positives is the amount of live conversation we've been able to do. I can express myself so much better.

Sheldon, Spanish (frog design)

Great experience overall. This is way better than trying to learn Spanish through Rosetta Stone.

Rob, Spanish (DPR Construction)

Previous Participants of Our Language at Work Program