Language at Work

Increase Your Company’s Cultural Competency!

The U.S. Language Learning Deficit… Did you know?

1% of Americans* Speak Another Language, 20% of Jobs are International
Your organization can help to bridge the gap!

NEW! ESL Program: Bridge Your Teams with English as a Second Language!

Freestyle offers its unique effective language model to your business through our Language at Work program. Designed specifically with the tech, biz, and (new!) construction industry in mind (though customization available), our program equips language learners with everyday vocabulary and tools needed to be successful at work, while building proficiency in the target language.

*Less than 1% of American adults today are proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a U.S. school 

"The construction spanish is SUPER HELPFUL on the jobsite. ... We are responsible for implementing someone's design so being able to communicate that to the field would be amazing."

DPR Construction Language at Work Participant

I always feel satisfied when I'm done. It's been great refreshing the Spanish I once knew. One of the big positives is the amount of live conversation we've been able to do. I can express myself a lot better... Being a former English major, I've really enjoyed the cultural references (Che Guevara, Casa de Las Flores; etc.)

Frog Design Language at Work Participant

The biggest thing for me was gaining some confidence to practice with native speakers. It's given me an opportunity to practice and to learn more!

DPR Construction Language at Work Participant

I have loved this experience, and I hope we can continue!

DPR Construction Language at Work Participant
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Program Journey

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Discovery Meeting

Video chat with our Director of the Language at Work Program and dive into more details including: logistics, customization options, anticipated demand, goals and more!

Pitch Meeting

Our team will meet with your company’s decision makers and teams on site for an info session to explore how FLC's model and methodology can work for you. Specifically, this can also include or be followed by 3-5 min. online level assessments / FAQ's, etc.

Final Proposal and Timeline Determinations

This 'registration' period serves to finalize # of courses, teachers, dates, etc. Company will sign a learning agreement with a refundable deposit.

Your Language Learning Journey Begins

Our proven curriculum and highly trained staff are ready to increase your company's cultural competency and fluency, while connecting people through language!


  • Innovative Curriculum & a Proven Methodology
  • Relevant Vocabulary: Everyday vocabulary that can be customized to industry
  • Customized days/times: 8 week min. (or 6 weeks online); 2 days/week + 3rd day option
  • Online Curriculum: Lifetime access to downloadable audio, supplemental material, and more!

How We’re Different

  • We’re NOT just an app…we’re face-to-face practicing spontaneous speaking!
  • We’re NOT 1 hour per week tutoring one-on-one…we know that both frequency and connection matter!
  • We do NOT use old school textbooks…we guide students through authentic materials (think film, music, telenovelas, etc.) to learn language as it’s truly spoken!

Previous Participants of Our Language at Work Program!

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