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Tell us, what is your relative level of experience?

Lo sapevate? You can easily switch up or down a level as works for you – we’re flexible that way.

For the most accurate level placement, please take our placement quiz. When determining your level, consider your spontaneity while speaking, frequency of pauses, use of memorized phrases, and range of topic scope. 

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Early Intermediate: L1

Go from a ‘Novice High‘ to ‘Intermediate Low‘ level (ACTFL)

By the end of Part 1 of our Early Intermediate Series, you’ll be able to actively participate in conversations and social interactions in everyday situations!

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Early Intermediate: L2

Go from an ‘Intermediate Low‘ to ‘Intermediate Mid‘ level (ACTFL)

By the end of Part 2 of our Early Intermediate Series, you’ll be able to initiate and sustain more meaningful conversations around a wider range of topics and time frames.

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See What They’re Saying!

Great school and teachers. You'll learn the language. There's no pressure and students are made to feel relaxed. I've been a student at Freestyle for years and look forward to each class and Saturday cafe.

The entire experience feels intimate/personal, like a community. It helped me open up, and actually practice speaking to others without being too insecure.

Not having the stress of grades makes learning a language so much better for me! The FLC environment is the least stressed I have ever been in a class and it helps keep it enjoyable.

We smile and laugh a lot in class, it's a really positive atmosphere that allows for us to try, make mistakes, learn and feel good about it all!

I am loving the heck out of our class and learning so much! It is incredible to be having super interesting and thought provoking conversations en español cada semana!