Through our signature multi-media approach, engage in relevant, fun conversations, delicious recipes and step (virtually) into restaurants around the world. Let your tastes (literally) guide your language and cultural experiences.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: navigate markets, shop for ingredients, follow a recipe, order in bars and restaurants, discuss your dietary needs and preferences, and even anticipate cultural nuances that affect one’s conversations!

Course Itinerary / Overview

Week 1: What kind of foodie are you?! From professional pastry chefs to vegan recipes or BBQ food trucks, explore and learn to talk about various gastronomic delights and your preferences. Navigate the markets, shop for ingredients, understand recipes (and follow them in week 4!)

Week 2: Cheers! From coffees to cocktails, learn the essential phrases and vocabulary necessary to order or make (!) the most common beverages. As we ‘visit’ vineyards and ‘tour’ breweries and cafes, build your confidence speaking at a variety of places, such as at the bar (‘can I buy you a drink?’, ‘I’ll have another, bartender!’) and other venues most helpful on your trips or in everyday life. #winethegreatfluencybuilder

Week 3: Everyone’s a critic! Whether you go 1 star, 5 stars or under the stars on a picnic (!), learn how to navigate the entire experience from reserving a table to understanding cultural norms (do you leave a tip?) Practice the most frequently needed conversations, including dietary restrictions, asking for recommendations, the bill, and more!

Week 4: Put on your chef hat!  A little friendly competition, anybody? Or prefer to eat and not to cook? That works too! Whether we participate via ‘chef’ critiques or in literally creating from a recipe to make your favorite dish, engage your learning through doing!

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Class Formats Available

Synchronous: Reach your language learning goals faster and with more ease through our synchronous course options! Synchronous simply means you’re engaging with online course materials in your own time at home while also meeting for live, face-to-face practice with our professional instructors and community of learners.

Asynchronous: For learners who either can’t attend or prefer not to meet for live, face-to-face classes. Asynchronous simply means in your own time, at your own pace. Advance your language skills through a variety of interactive activities within a specific theme – with #TeamFLC guiding you to success! Language learning in relevant contexts – it’s a thing!

Level Options

L1: For the upper elementary learner who has completed either our foundational 1A & 1B  courses or has roughly two semesters of experience in the past.

L2: For the early to upper intermediate level speaker who wishes to move toward true language and cultural fluency!

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