Connect with people, not apps!

Experience true success with online learning in a community of adult language learners! Learn more about the science behind our highly successful ‘flipped’ online learning options below and find a course that meets your level & life needs!

“My advice to new online learners: just dive in and experience it for yourself and let that skepticism go out the window.”

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous: Which is right for me?

The only difference? Virtual, live face-to-face classes

Synchronous format available at all levels. 

Asynchronous format only available for monthly L1 and L2 theme-based courses. 

Each Asynchronous Course Comes With:

🙌 Weekly prep lesson videos (the critical #flippedlearning component for online success)
✅ Interactive quizzes to check your understanding
🎧 Practice activities including sound files, pronunciation exercises, flashcards and more!
👩‍🏫 Weekly office hours: get to know our team!
🍷 Monthly virtual events to learn & to connect…

Each Synchronous Course Comes With:

all of the above, PLUS (!)
🗣 75 – 90 minute face-to-face classes.

Meet 1x, 2x, or 3x / week – you choose!

Strategic Prep Approach

We designed this unique approach to maximize speaking outcomes. Save $50 & get the best out of our highly successful flipped learning model! 

How it Works: 

✅ Engage in a theme-based course asynchronously (no virtual face-to-face) for 1-4 weeks

💪 Build all the skills (reading, writing, listening, pronunciation) collectively required to support the most important skill (speaking) – through a wide variety of interactive exercises & activities

🗣 Join that same theme-based course synchronously (live face-to-face) to practice speaking in our virtual classroom 1x, 2x, or 3x / week with an engaged community of adult learner

“It’s fun, I really look forward to my classes!”

Freestyle's Science-Backed Online Language Learning Model

The Freestyle Difference:

  • Flipped Course Design – critical for online learning success! Start your learning with weekly prep lesson videos, recorded for you by our team. After watching, build the necessary skills needed to support speaking through a wide variety of interactive exercises & activities
  • Professionally-trained instructors – #DreamTeamFreestyle! We train our team, an intentional mix of native and non-native speakers, in the latest adult second language acquisition best practices. #MoreThanAMeetup
  • Student-Driven Conversation – Students learn best when they practice speaking in relevant, everyday contexts. Advance your speaking skills through our virtual events or with live, face-to-face (synchronous) online classes!
  • Authentic Materials – We infuse culture into our curriculum at every step of the way – utilizing TV shows, songs, films, etc. made by native speakers for other native speakers. Learn language as it’s truly spoken around the world!
  • Positive Affective Filter – Learning a new language should be fun, not stressful! We eliminate the stress found in traditional classroom settings so your brain can focus on what’s most important: learning!

“Every time I have a class, I am happy!”

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