Experience true success with online learning in a community of adult language learners! With asynchronous (100% self-paced, in your own time) and synchronous (meet for live, face-to-face virtual classes) course options available, Freestyle offers a language learning solution for all kinds of learners.

Learn more about the science behind our highly successful ‘flipped’ online learning options below and find a course that meets your level & life needs!

“My advice to new online learners: just dive in and experience it for yourself and let that skepticism go out the window.”

Synchronous (Live, face-to-face) Course Options

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Reach your language learning goals faster and with more ease through our synchronous course options! Synchronous simply means you’re engaging with online course materials in your own time at home while also meeting for live, face-to-face practice with our professional instructors and community of learners.

Foundational courses meet 3x / week; theme-based synchronous courses meet up to 3x/ week (you choose)!

Asynchronous (100% self-paced) Course Options

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For learners who either can’t attend or prefer not to meet for live, face-to-face classes. Asynchronous simply means in your own time, at your own pace. Advance your language skills through a variety of interactive activities within a specific theme – with #TeamFLC guiding you to success! Language learning in relevant contexts – it’s a thing!

Start your journey with our asynchronous courses at any time – no schedule needed. Learn more: view our travel-themed & food-themed courses today!

Freestyle's Science-Backed Online Language Learning Model

Experience success with our professionally designed, proven curriculum via our online platform or our dynamic, face-to-face virtual classes! 5+ years in the making, we’ve created a true online community: the magic that makes it all work at Freestyle.

How it works:

True online success requires a ‘flipped learning’ component where students begin familiarizing themselves with the concepts first at home, in their own time. Freestyle brings the flipped learning magic to you via weekly prep lesson videos recorded just for you and your course by #TeamFLC!
This ‘flipped learning’ component is just one of the many things that sets Freestyle apart from other models. View all of our flipped prep lesson videos on our YouTube!
Other science-backed components in our courses?
Emphasis on the positive affective filter: we minimize stress in class so your brain can focus on what’s most important – learning the language!
Culturally-rich curriculum: we use ‘authentic materials’ in our courses (movies, TV shows, songs made by native speakers for other native speakers) so you can learn the language as truly spoken!
Conversational approach: adults learn a second language best when they practice speaking it in relevant, everyday contexts. Advance your conversation skills through virtual events or in our face-to-face online classes!