FAQs and Help

What are the class sizes at Freestyle?

At FLC, we aim for intimate yet dynamic class sizes, with an average of 12 per class (we max. at 18).

Do I take a placement test, and/or How do I know my level?

While we don’t have official placement tests, the FLC administration, teachers & curriculum developers work in conjunction with one another, and you the student, to assure the best fit for all in our collaborative learning environment. In this manner, we can best assure students’ progress in their second language acquisition efforts, while reinforcing the unique culture at FLC. We retain the right to deny placement in any one class based on our assessment of the competencies across the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). However, with our Saturdays, book groups, minis & events, there is something for everybody!

For a brief overview on level, please see our course descriptions. Email us for further level questions.

Can I switch classes once the semester starts?

Yes, if you feel that the level you signed up for does not match your own level, you can easily switch into another class.

Does FLC offer classes for credit?

While we do not have accredited classes, our innovative, proven curriculum will give you the tools and language skills necessary to either place out of or into higher level language classes via the placement tests at your university. Plus, not only will you place out of a language class, you’ll actually learn to speak in your target language!

What is the age range of Freestyle students?

Currently, our classes are designed for adults, 18years+ (in rare exceptions, we accept high school students on the more mature side). We also find that high school students appreciate our Saturday cafe and grammar clinic which is more fun and less expensive than private tutoring). However, for children ages 2-10, we recommend the Mariposas Spanish School.

What if I’m just not a good language learner?

Everyone is capable of learning a new language! Read our buzzfeed list to see how to overcome the 4 most common impediments to language learning and get tips on how to overcome them! Plus, check out our other useful lists, such as FLC’s top reasons to learn a second language and the top habits of successful language learners! 

What is your refund or crediting policy?

Immersion Workshops, Saturday Cafes, Pronunciation Workshops, and Online Course Curriculum (Teachable) are FINAL SALE.

All 8 & 12 Week Session registrations include a $100 non-refundable deposit and registration fee*. Refunds and Credits must be requested in writing. All credits  are valid for 1 year and transferable to friends and family. Below are options to choose from based on timeline.

By the end of Week 1 (by Sunday):

  • Full refund minus deposit and non-refundable fees OR
  • 100% credit (so as not to lose the deposit and non-refundable fees) to be applied for a future session.

By the end of Week 2 (by Sunday):

  • 50% refund/50% credit after excluding deposit and non-refundable fees OR
  • 100% credit  (so as not to lose the deposit and non-refundable fees) to be applied for a future session.

By the end of Week  6 in 12 Week Session or Week 4 in 8 Week Session (by Sunday):

  • 50% credit (so as not to lose the deposit and non-refundable fees) to be applied for a future session.

*If applicable, late fees are also non-refundable

No refunds will be processed after the end of Week 2 and no credits will be issued after the halfway point of the 8 and 12 Week Sessions (halfway dates vary by session). Please reach out to info@freestylelanguagecenter.com to know details of dates. 

We do not offer refunds for cancelled classes when mandated by local/federal health or emergency guidelines. Students are entitled to a refund, including deposit and fees, only when classes are cancelled by FLC Admin.

Do you provide private tutoring?

No we do not have private tutoring, but we’d be happy for you to arrange with teachers on your own for any private tutoring, provided that you’re enrolled for a full session of Saturdays (7 or 11) or core class.

How do your prices compare to other language centers?

We have the best prices in Austin! In addition to which, we are the ONLY place to offer so much language practice: invaluable!

A simple comparison of the # of language learning hours per session price, breaks it into this $/hour analysis:

Each core class meets for a total of 28.75 hours (23 classes), PLUS the available 16.5 hours of Saturday “cafe”= an average of 42.25 hours per session. A NEW student rate of $595 averages just over $13/hour for language learning!

Now you’re speaking our language ?

Are there make up classes if I miss a class?

While we don’t offer specific make ups, our unique model allows you to join such a wide variety of conversation, events, and Saturdays, that you will make up the hours you’ve missed. Also, select courses include access to materials online, and our teachers are always happy to correspond directly with you on what you have missed in class.

Why is learning a language important? What will it do for me?

Even though the idea of connecting to other people in their own language is irresistible for many; a way in which one can also gain a fuller, richer understanding of other cultures, there are many other compelling reasons for becoming bilingual if not a “polyglot”: Great articles on the effects on our brain power! BBC Article     NY Times Article

Multilingualism is becoming more common in the workplace. According to a 2011 CareerBuilder survey, 29 percent of companies said that if they had to decide between two equally qualified candidates, they would choose the candidate who is bilingual: CareerBuilder Article 

Make bilingualism part of your “human capital”: in a global economy, sometimes sharky, those resumes which can boast another language go to the top of the pile. This Article shows leadership and bilingualism as two of the top criteria/skills. Additionally, in searching for top talent, this Work Force Diversity Article shows diversity and bilingualism as a priority.

Why is Freestyle the best place to learn languages?

FLC seeks to connect people through interactive courses and high-energy social events. Studies show (click here for article) second language acquisition requires meaningful interaction and opportunities for spontaneous expression in the target language; moreover, an entertaining, fun approach represents the didactic idea that a lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained!

Is it possible for Freestyle to professionally evaluate a student before and after a course, as required for certain professional situations?

Yes, we can give evaluations using ACTFL proficiency guidelines. This entails both an evaluation of the student’s four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) after which we can provide appropriate documentation upon request. This service requires a fee not included in the class. Please email us at info@freestylelanguagecenter.com for more information.