Upcoming Course Dates: Mar. 8th – Apr. 3rd
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Courses available synchronously (virtual live, face-to-face) or asynchronously (no virtual face-to-face)

Theme-Based Courses

Science backs theme-based learning – what we call ‘learning in relevant contexts’! It’s simple: your brain works best when it understands the context of concepts covered in class. 

Through this focused approach, learners will actively engage in weekly activities whether asynchronously (your own time, your own pace!) or synchronously (meeting online & face-to-face with fellow learners and your teacher 1, 2 or 3x per week in our ‘virtual classroom’).

We designed each course using the highly successful flipped learning model to maximize online learning success. Deepen your language (and culture!) skills through relevant topics, meaningful to you!

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The World is Your Canvas

Available synchronously (virtual face-to-face): view dates / times & enroll today

Also available asynchronously (no virtual face-to-face): subscribe today!

Buen Aprovecho

Available asynchronously (self-paced, in your own time): subscribe today!

Your Passport to the World

Available asynchronously (self-paced, in your own time): subscribe today!

Synchronous Courses

Reach your language learning goals faster and with more ease through our synchronous course options! Synchronous simply means you’re engaging with online course materials in your own time at home while also meeting for live, face-to-face practice with our professional instructors and community of learners.

Synchronous learners in our theme-based courses can meet 1x, 2x, or 3x / week in our ‘virtual classroom’ – you choose!

Asynchronous Courses

For learners who either can’t attend or prefer not to meet for live, face-to-face classes. Asynchronous simply means in your own time, at your own pace. Advance your language skills through a variety of interactive activities within a specific theme – with #TeamFLC guiding you to success! Language learning in relevant contexts – it’s a thing!

Start your journey with our asynchronous courses at any time – no schedule needed!

Level Checkpoint

Elementary level (L1) learners fall in between a ‘Novice High’ & ‘Intermediate Low’ level  (ACTFL)

Think you may be a different level? 

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Student Testimonial: Kara!

“It’s closer to what it’s like going to a Spanish speaking country”