Upcoming Course Dates: Mar. 22nd – May 15th
Enrollment Deadline: Fri., Mar. 19th at midnight (CST)

Each foundational course available synchronously: meet online for live, face-to-face instruction in our ‘virtual classroom’ 3x / week for 8 weeks

Italian I(A)

Best for the complete beginner – or those with no prior experience

By the end of Italian I(A), you’ll be able to:

greet and introduce yourself, have basic conversations (in the present) about your family, work & home, express preferences (such as likes and dislikes) in hobbies and activities, and more!

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*Together, I(A) and I(B) deliver the foundational concepts and skills required for our monthly theme-based courses. Save 10% when you bundle – click here to learn more!

Italian I(B)

For those with up to 1 semester prior experience

By the end of Italian I(B), you’ll be able to:

speak about everyday themes such as emotions, food, cooking, weather, daily routines, and more(!) in both the present and simple past.

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