French Instructor

Sarah fell in love with French sitting in a high school classroom at the age of 14. Thanks to a passionate teacher who made the French language and culture come alive and to a class trip to Quebec City, Sarah continued her French journey, earning a BA in French from Aquinas College in Michigan and a MA in French and Francophone studies from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Sarah loves to travel and spent her semester abroad studying in Montpellier, France and later spent a summer in Avignon, France studying theater. She has accompanied many high school student groups to France and to other European countries encouraging them to experience the languages, food, and culture in “real life”. She has more than 20 years’ experience teaching French and enjoys making the language come alive for students. Having worked in a traditional classroom environment for her whole career, Sarah is excited to be a part of Freestyle Languages where she can connect students with language and culture in an engaging environment using songs, trailers, and other authentic materials. #saynotextbooks.

When she is not teaching, Sarah enjoys reading, hiking, and baking. She is excited about sharing her passion for French with you in class.

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