My Story

Born (and slightly raised) in New York, Natasha adopted English as her first language. However, at home her Puertorican parents spoke native Spanish, a language which she learned to understand, but not speak. It wasn’t until she moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 7 that she found herself in need to speak, write, and read in Spanish as well. There she not only learned to love the language, but the colorful culture that came with it.

While living in Puerto Rico she studied for a BA in English Linguistics at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez. Though she didn’t stop there! Natasha also studied to be an English teacher for grades 7-12 (where her love for teaching started) and received a certificate in Film. Later on she moved to Irving, Texas to study an MA in Linguistics at the University of Texas, Arlington. Here she also received a graduate certificate in TESOL. After graduating in 2019, Natasha started teaching both English and Spanish in a variety of places.

Natasha is excited to join TeamFLC and their progressive pedagogy! She is especially excited with their use of TV shows and films for teaching language, since she understands first hand the cultural relevance of learning a language the way it’s truly spoken. Most importantly she is excited to meet you and welcome you into her (virtual) classroom!

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