My Story

Growing up in a multi-lingual household with Portuguese, Japanese, and English as first languages, Michelle is a natural-born polyglot! During her undergraduate studies and a study abroad stint in San José, she learned Spanish, her fourth language (!) and began to truly cultivate her passion for language-learning. The recipient of the very prestigious Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Award from the University of Texas College of Liberal Arts, Michelle holds a B.A. in both Linguistics and Portuguese/Spanish.

Freestyle welcomes Michelle with great enthusiasm as the first member of our team to complete our in-house teacher-training program, reflective of our exceedingly high standards for both the pedagogy of language and the culture around our language-learning community. When not busy teaching Spanish or Portuguese, she volunteer teaches ESL to adults at a local non-profit organization. Come see for yourself how her enthusiasm for languages and cultures truly lights up a class…so much more than a classroom!

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