Spanish/ESL Senior Instructor

A native of the San Ysidro-Tijuana borderland, Luis grew up watching news in Spanish and cartoons in English. Upon moving to the US at age 14, he became interested in learning English. Luis also engaged in learning Nahuatl, Maya, Quechua, and  Portuguese as part of his doctoral formation. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Iberian and Latin American Languages and Cultures with an emphasis in variationist sociolinguistics and heritage languages at the University of Texas at Austin. 


Luis has taught a wide variety of students, from Spanish heritage speakers to first-generation students at UCLA and St. Edward’s through the McNair Scholars Program. Luis looks forward to working with Team Freestyle to create a safe and inclusive environment for his students to achieve their goals. student success through a while having fun He hopes to create a safe and inclusive learning environment in which students can nurture each other towards their own goals and aspirations. 

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