My Story

Originally from Denver, Jon currently lives in Fort Collins, Co., a beautiful college town to the north of Denver near the Wyoming border, where he recently completed his MA at Colorado State University. Before completing his master’s, Jon spent a year living and working in Bogotá, Colombia as a teacher and translator.  During his undergraduate studies, Jon considers himself truly fortunate to have spent two semesters abroad: one in San Germán, Puerto Rico and one in Heredia, Costa Rica.  While focusing on Spanish Language, Culture and History during that period, he developed an emphasis on sociolinguistics, in particular analyzing how certain language forms are used to create and legitimize structures of inequality throughout Latin America and Spanish-speaking regions of the USA.


He plans to pursue a PhD in Spanish Linguistics starting Fall 2021.


When not teaching, Jon works part time as a professional guitarist, mainly playing manouche jazz and instrumental bluegrass.  He looks forward to sharing his love of Spanish language culture (and music!)  with the Freestyle community!

(And as an accomplished participant of #FLC-EDU, TeamFLC heartily welcomes Jon as the engaged Spanish instructor we know him to be !)

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