My Story

Growing up multilingual with German, English and some Spanish, John has always loved languages and he excelled at Spanish and Latin in high school. Upon graduation, he spent two years in South America perfecting his Spanish, with adventures that landed him eventually in Spain where he currently lives.

He recently obtained an MA in Conference Interpreting with English, German and Spanish. He also currently teaches English in Spain, and as a new addition to the Freestyle family, looks forward to sharing his experiences and love of language and culture with the community!

Besides languages, and nerdy linguistic endeavors, he enjoys being physically fit, whether it be training at a CrossFit, or hiking and running outside. *Fun (scary) fact about John! With an extreme allergic reaction to peanuts, he’s been hospitalized in many different countries, and thus knows how to say peanut in maybe 10 different languages! (And as an accomplished participant of #FreestyleEDU, TeamFreestyle heartily welcomes John as the engaged Spanish instructor we know him to be !)

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