My Story

Jessica joins Team Freestyle from Gainesville, Florida. A Gator at heart, she earned her B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida in August and is now working toward an M.A. in Mass Communication.

As the daughter of a Filipina mother and American father, a passion for intercultural communication is ingrained in Jessica’s DNA. Her past professional and academic experiences reflect this passion: Having recently completed both a Multicultural Advertising Internship Program and internship at UF’s Mobile Outreach Clinic which largely serves North Florida’s Spanish-speaking communities, she now assists with graduate research into the effectiveness of Hispanic-targeted healthcare advertising.

Jessica pursued a position at Freestyle to expand and apply her marketing knowledge to her favorite cause: connecting people. Additionally, Team Freestyle’s encouraging, welcoming spirit and dedication to community immediately attracted her.

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys hiking, painting, and writing bad poetry. She also loves to spend time with her bunny, Paisley.

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