My Story

Elizabeth grew up in Los Angeles as part of a big Italian family where almost nobody but the oldtimers spoke Italian. Her Nonna assured her that it was not in style to speak Italian to your children back then. Gasp! Although she never did learn Italian, her interest for different languages grew from these roots. Taking various trips to Mexico in the family station wagon set the stage for a lifetime of curiosity and interest in the Spanish language. Her siblings claim she went through a long phase of thinking she actually spoke Spanish when she was 6 years old.

Elizabeth earned her BA in Spanish and Master’s in Education, thus marrying her two passions, teaching and language! Elizabeth has 10+ years of experience teaching both ESL and Spanish to adults and high school students. She currently lives in Valencia, Spain, with her husband and three children, where she enjoys hiking, biking and cooking (most recently the perfect paella)!

Elizabeth is motivated to join Freestyle as it has the perfect blend of science backed language learning mixed with a fun focus on speaking. Having experienced a bit of language anxiety herself as a new learner, Elizabeth is very excited to be working in Freestyle’s relaxed and engaging environment.

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