My Story

Born and raised in a small town in Texas called Comfort, Delaney had been exposed to many different languages growing up. Living in a small town with a large amount of Hispanic and German culture, Spanish and German phrases become somewhat common knowledge to all. Only after visiting Germany after her first year of high school, did Delaney gain a passion for travel and exploring different cultures. After graduating high school, Delaney began college at The University of Texas at Austin seeking a degree in Supply Chain Management. After her first year there, she worked as a camp counselor just North of Austin, created friendships with various international counselor from all over the globe. She hopes one day to be able to visit them all in their home countries. This coming spring, Delaney plans to graudate and pursue a career in her degree. Until then, she has joined the operations team here at Freestyle, loving learning new skills (and a maybe some Spanish) along the way. Delaney loves the aspect of providing culture and language together at Freestyle, creating an even greater understanding of each language as a whole.


In her free time, Delaney loves to walk her Shar-Pei/German Shepherd mix dog, Cricket, and has yet to find her favorite breakfast taco in Austin. She spends as much time on the lake as she possibly can and frequents SoulCycle to fight off the breakfast taco addiction. She loves exploring all Austin has to offer, and has thoroughly enjoyed discovering Freestyle along the way.

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