My Story

Daniela was born and raised in Mexico City, she loves calling herself a very proud “chilanga”.  She grew up traveling and noticed she was a  “language nerd” as  she was the only student looking forward to Greek and Latin class in high school.


While spending a gap year in Europe helping people with disabilities, she developed a strong passion to support people’s efforts to communicate despite any challenge.  This experience helped her decide to move back to Mexico to pursue an undergraduate degree in Human Communication Disorders.


As a speech language pathologist she specialized in serving bilingual and multilingual families.  One of her favorites memories was collaborating with a Rabbi in helping one of her patients balance Spanish, English and Hebrew acquisition as he was getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah !


She moved to Austin in 2010 to attend graduate school at UT. Daniela has collaborated in the development of special education dual language programs in Austin and plans to continue doing so. She believes language is an essential tool to empower individuals and communities.


Daniela loves the passion and mission of FLC, and is thrilled to help her students not only learn a new language but to help them fall in love with the beauty of the Spanish speaking world.

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