My Story

Anna grew up in a small town in the suburbs of New York. Forever an enthusiastic student in subjects like foreign languages (Spanish and Latin), history, and literature, she long had ambitions to become a teacher. With the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Seville, Spain, Anna quickly fell in love with the characteristic southern accent, the beautiful climate, and the warm Spanish culture. After graduating Cornell University with a Bachelor’s in History, Anna returned to Spain to complete a TEFL certification at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya where she taught ESL in a bilingual elementary school in Madrid. During this period, she got to know a more metropolitan facet of the country that introduced her to new friends from other parts of the globe and inspired her to take up new interests, such as studying French, and learning Latin dance!

Recognizing the centrality of language learning to her own journey, Anna is eager to help students use foreign languages to connect with one another to unlock new opportunities and experiences. She is particularly excited about Freestyle’s dynamic, communication-centered methodology and looks forward to getting to know her students through their adopted languages. Anna is currently based in New York, and in her free time she enjoys running, doing yoga, cooking, and baking. Her most recent quarantine hobby has been learning to play the piano.(And as an accomplished participant of #FreestyleEDU, TeamFreestyle heartily welcomes Anna as the engaged Spanish instructor we know her to be !)

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