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Benvenuto! Our blog continues with a #multicultural and #multilingual look at cinema around the world.   Questa volta … la bella Italia!  Read on about why we love foreign film for language learning – beyond the obvious humor and drama! Intermediate learners, enjoy the first clip and practice your Italian with the sentences below. Still a beginner? Not a problem, watch the second clip again with subtitles!  Andiamo !

Italian cinema has influenced film movements all over the world!


Andiamo!  Set in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, Giorni e nuvole explores the financial struggles and emotional strain that occur after Michele loses his job. He and his wife Elsa are forced to give up their affluent lifestyle and cope with the tensions of moving into a smaller home, finding new work, making sacrifices, and creating a new life for themselves. As the film provides the context for our intermediate Italian III(A), students get the opportunity to expand on various film topics: vivere in città (life in the city), che fai nella vita? (professions, schooling, and interviews), and i nostri pareri (expressing opinions).


YOUR mission, should you choose to accept it:

Enjoy this entertaining and light-hearted trailer for the award-winning Giorni e nuvole and test your comprehension through the follow-up questions. Comment with your answers below! Domande? Basta chiederci. We’ll get back to you!

Want more?!  See our ‘Teacher’s Favorite Movie’ below.

Guarda il trailer e poi rispondi alle domande! In bocca al lupo! 

1. In quale città italiana si svolge il film? (Indizio: È una città che si trova proprio sul mare!)
2. Il lavoro è uno dei temi centrali del film. Secondo te, che lavoro fanno Elsa e Michele, i protagonisti del film Giorni e nuvole?
3. Secondo te, di che genere è il film? Spiega brevemente la tua risposta.

Additional Tip:

Watch it here, now with subtitles!  Get more tips on learning through subtitles here. While we do not use subtitles IN our courses, they can help at certain times, certain ways! 


Teacher’s Top Picks:

1. La Vita e Bella, 1997: A Jewish man has a wonderful romance with the help of his humor, but must use that same quality to protect his son in a Nazi death camp.

2. Cinema Paradiso, 1998: An Italian filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village’s theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater’s projectionist.

The Freestyle Methodology: Authentic Materials

FLC embraces film as a centerpiece of our innovative curriculum for multiple reasons. As an authentic material (technically meaning ‘created by those of the target language for those of the target language’),  film allows us to learn language as it’s truly spoken. Everyday, colloquial language, accents, mannerisms, expressions, even swearing must be experienced in context.

Speaking of context, what is language without the ‘5th skill’, cultural competency?! Nulla.  Language is often taught in a cultural void through textbooks, but the use of film and authentic materials deepens understanding of the ‘target culture’ as well as language. Not to mention, it’s entertaining – divertimento!

The Freestyle Lifestyle:

Our one-of-a-kind approach to second language acquisition uses technology and an interactive model in a way that brings the most recent, relevant, high-usage vocabulary and everyday expressions to our students in an entertaining and effective way. Join us as we continue to revolutionize language learning! Check out our Italian levels here.

Try a free evening class or our popular Saturday ‘Cafe’ (11am-12:30pm) at 801 Rio Grande!

**Remember to comment below with your answers to the questions (in Italian) and our teachers will get back to you!**

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