Bienvenue to the next French installment of our ongoing ‘Polyglot Austin’ blog series, where we celebrate the city’s cultural diversity while taking an interactive approach to language-learning!

In this post we’re thrilled to introduce a special group of Austinites who bring French culture right to our city: The Heart of Texas Pétanque Club! Meet Marion, an ambassador of the club, listen to her videos, and see if you can answer the questions below en français!

HOT Pétanque Club made a special appearance at our Mois de la Francophonie Saturday ‘Cafe’!

About HOT Pétanque Club

Qu’est-ce que la pétanque? Learn more here, en français! Did you know the game is now played by about 17 million people in France and neighboring countries, mostly during summer break or leisure time?!

Arsene Dupin, French transplant/Austinite, officially formed HOT Pétanque Club in May of 2008 with a group of friends and Pétanque enthusiasts who now compete in Pétanque tournaments nationally and internationally!

Jim and Marion of HOT Pétanque Club showing our students how to play!

Practice your French and interact with us here by challenging yourself with answers in French to the questions below. #LanguageChallenge #MissionAccomplished #FaitAccompli!

  1. Read the following short dialogues in French (transcription) as a preview to the video (Note: First one for beginners, second more intermediate – Challenge yourself with both!)
  2. Hit play and stop to review as needed…
  3. REPEAT! Repetition: a key to language learning

Beginner Level Dialogue and Video

Q: Comment vous appelez-vous? / A: Je m’appelle Marion.

Q: Vous-êtes d’ou? / A: Je suis de Nice. Je suis française.

Q: Aimez-vous Austin? / A: J’aime beaucoup Austin.

For FULL transcript, CLICK HERE, look in video description/”show more”

#LanguageChallenge – Answer in French in comment section below! 

1. D’ou vient-elle?

2. Qu’est-ce qu’elle n’aime pas à Austin?

3. A quelle heure se lève-t-elle?

4. Quels sont ses passe-temps?

5. Combien de frères et soeurs a-t-elle?

Intermediate Level Dialogue and Video

Q: Quand est-ce que vous-êtes venue à Austin? Et pourquoi? / A: Je suis venue à Austin en 1992. Parce que je voulais vivre dans une ville où il faisait
beau tout le temps.

Q: Où est-ce que vous avez fait vos études? / A: J’ai fait mes études à Paris. Ensuite je suis venue aux Etats-Unis et j’ai fait mes études dans l’Indiana.

For FULL transcript, CLICK HERE, look in video description/”show more”

#LanguageChallenge – Answer in French in comment section below!

1. Où a-t-elle fait ses études?

2. Quels sont les pays où elle a habité?

3. Comment gagne-t-elle sa vie? C’est à dire, elle fait quoi dans la vie en tant que boulot?

Support our Friends at HOT Pétanque Club

We loved collaborating with HOT Pétanque Club during our Mois de la Francophonie Saturday ‘Cafe’ and are exited for future opportunities to work together! Support our local #ATX friends and check like them on Facebook!


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