Benvenuti to the newest Italian installment of our ongoing ‘Polyglot Austin” interactive blog series!  And prego! You’re welcome in advance for the most alluring post yet…(ahemm, ladies within 100 mi. radius of central Austin, you really wouldn’t want to miss this one.)

We’re delighted to bring you the most dashing, charming, fun-loving of Italians in the Atx ready to share his style sense with us, in Italian!  Please meet Alessandro (Alex), owner of the chic Italian boutique, Cotone.   Grazie Alex! Located in central Austin and the heart of UT,  Cotone is a not-to-miss gem!

cotone collage

We love his Euro – West-coast hybrid, a new sort of Austin eclectic at such affordable prices.  Lunga vita a Cotone!

Watch and listen to Alex in our beginner and intermediate videos below (subtitled, with full transcription provided)!  You can practice your listening comprehension, reading and writing – all while learning more about Italian fashion & culture in Austin.   Che figo!

We also invite you to meet his dog and hear about his grandmother’s first sewing machine – link at the end!

Beginner Level

Beginners, to get the most out of this exercise, watch it first without sound, while reading the subtitles.  Then, watch the video again with sound. See how multiple viewings of segments of the video improve your reading & listening comprehension. Be sure to answer the questions here in our comment section, our teacher will get back to you.


Beginner Questions

1.    Di dov’e’ Alessandro?

2.   Che lavoro fa Alessandro?

Intermediate Level 

Q-1 Qual’e’ la cosa piu’ difficile per il proprietario di un negozio di abbigliamento?
A-1 La cosa piu’ difficile sicuramente e’ come comprare i capi e quali capi comprare e cercare di capire i trend del mercato, e poi andare alle fiere e prendere i vestiti che … che probabilmente saranno quelli che venderanno di piu’. CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRANSCRIPT

Intermediate Questions

1. Cosa cerca di capire Alessandro prima di comprare i capi di vestiario?

2. Chi e’ la clientela principale di Cotone?

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 3.27.04 PM

Click here to find out why this is Cotone’s logo!

Connect with Alex and Cotone:  website , Facebook , Twitter  to get the latest of the new fall collection.  Great SALES going on NOW, run don’t walk! What do you think, Freestyle students, should we do a fashion-show language demo at Cotone?

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.23.41 PM

And thank all y’all! for celebrating the city’s cultural diversity with us while taking an interactive approach to language learning! Want to practice / learn more Italian?  We’re currently in Fall II Session, so come for a FREE trial of our super popular Saturday “cafes”, every Sat. 11-12:30, and/or try a core class too!  See Schedule , contact us: info@freestylelanguagecenter.com
Plus, see our other Italian blog interviews with local business owners from Andiamo & Dolce Neve!

The Freestyle Lifestyle

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Using language in context! Students at our wine tasting, in the classroom & at our polyglot graffiti walk!

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