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The innovative mix of Zoom classes along with additional events such as Netflix Watch Parties, Saturday 'Cafés', and live concerts made learning fun!

The best part about learning online with Freestyle is that my conversation skills are steadily improving - it's so worth it!

The teachers are highly skilled and dedicated, the hours manageable, and the online content original and helpful. What's not to like?

Freestyle has been a great way for me to brush up on, and improve on my decades old study of Spanish. I have gained enough confidence to try communicating in Spanish with neighbors and at restaurants.

Being in such an encouraging environment has helped me put myself out there and actually practice using French out loud, which does wonders for my progress.

Feel well supported, stress free classes, knowledgeable teachers, respect between classmates and free to make mistakes without criticism.

Great experience. Qualified instructors that are patient and encouraging. Good social outlet.

I've been SO pleased with my language learning journey through Freestyle! I've learned so much and enjoyed every second of it! Thank you Freestyle for offering such accessible, affordable and fun language classes!

Congratulations Freestyle on producing such outstanding virtual language programs! Keep climbing!

Y'all rock. Thank you for everything you guys do. This is the most fun I've had while learning a language, period.

Absolutely the best methodology for combining language instruction and cultural competency.

Freestyle expertly addresses one aspect of language learning that most schools totally miss… the conversation! They have so many opportunities available to practice conversation every week. If you are looking to expand your Spanish or French skills, THIS is the place!

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Using a fun, science-backed, and proven effective language learning approach – 100% online! 

Speak To A Man In A Language He Understands And It Goes To His Head; Speak To Him In His Own Language And It Goes To His Heart.

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